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As we do look back, on the year gone by,
We start to now think, and of course wonder why.
At the good and bad, of the year just past,
From the joy of unions, that are made to last.

At the horror we feel, of children that do die,
As nations do now grieve, a world that wonders why.
At the election of someone, not all will find peace,
Whilst in some other countries, wish fighting will now cease.

As flood waters do rise, so many lose their homes,
Greece is deep in trouble, need to find private loans.
At gun crime were reminded, the ease to take life,
Those in more debt now, full of hardship and strife.

At the censorship of Internet, black out in a protest,
A government that does nothing, with countries in civil unrest.
At the money not lent, the houses do not sell,
Whole world in recession, that we can so tell.

As the Solstice did come, some were full of fear,
The world did not end, and we're all still here.
At the girl that's shot, because she wanted to learn,
And a book that's read, as Mr Grey takes turn.

At a time of celebration, the Queen on the throne,
Homes are still being lost, old still feel so alone.
A cruise ship run aground, and asylum for wiki leak,
Look forward to twenty thirteen, with peace we all seek.