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Life does begin

I awoke this morning, and feel so fine,
My life does start, smack bang on time.
With such lovely message, received them by text,
And some phone calls, and facebook comes next.

No longer in thirties, my life now starts,
With a better understanding, all hurt does depart.
My past few days, with a record shoot,
Driving through the country, on this special route.

Friends I did meet, along the long trip,
Had a great chat, pub we did sit.
Or with such hospitality, friends put me up,
And woke in morning, tea in a cup.

Last days did prepare, my mind and soul,
Look on I do, to all life's goals.
I welcome the age, bring it on now,
The challenge I relish, now I know how.

So I woke today, to a new start,
Enjoy each new day, with warmth in heart.
To live to full, each and every day,
And with my faith, show me the way.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner