50th Wedding Aniversary (not to be)

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Today would have been a day for great celebration, when the union of my parents would have reached 50 years.
Sadly My father passed away before this event could take place.
Across the divides of the living and the departed, today is still their anniversary.


With love you joined,
Each and every day,
Through thick and thin,
And come what may.

With love you cherished,
Cared for each other,
Through good and bad,
Could not be another.

With love you hold,
The memories so dear,
Through highs and lows,
You had no fear.

With love you held,
Now fifty years past,
Though hills and dales,
This love did last.

With love you sit,
You life not complete,
Through sickness and health,
Now an empty seat.

With love you know,
He still loves you,
Through life and death,
You love him too.

L Walsdorf awwww that is beautiful!! lots of hugs to your Mum
S Evans Beautiful. Sending love to your Mum. XX
J Hooren Lovely words.. Hugs and thoughts to u and your family craig
J Osborne love to you all xx
A King thinking of you all he is missed by so many people love xx
H Mann yes it is their anniversary, the ties will never be broken not even in death xxx
L Godin ‎:)
J Wyatt i love that craig mums just told me about it love xx


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