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Written for anyone who has found themselves blocked after doing all they can to help those that will quickly stab you in the back.
Suggested by Sophie de Roumanie

They are always sending rubbish, some that can cause harm,
But when I say something, they break from the calm.
They must always be right, yet that just isn't so,
But instead of a discussion, their temper then does blow.

You try all you can, to keep them from sad,
But you find yourself blocked, why should you feel bad?
You made an honest voice, they did so not agree,
But instead of just discussing, just aimed blame at me.

They are always posting junk, invite to another naff game,
But when I ask nicely, carry on just the same.
They tell me getta life, yet they don't have one,
But instead of endless talking, I'm glad that your gone!

You try all you can, to keep them all happy,
But you find yourself blocked, to make you feel kacky.
You gave your honest view, but they just couldn't take,
But instead of just discussing, the connection they did break.

They post on social network, call me on the phone,
But if its about me, they tell you don't moan.
They must be the best, so rubbish all the rest,
But the fact their gone, is SO FOR THE BEST!

S Roumanie no, you are not the only ones for sure....
I Walker This is brilliant, Love it Craig. Hit the nail on the head!
B Ipsen Love it :-)

Copyright 2013 Craig Wadner