All that I do ask,
To open Christ-mas Day,
Is my own special gift,
So that I can play.
I don't ask for money,
Not a thing so absurd,
But a little purple turtle,
I hope that Santa heard.

All that I do ask,
To open on that dawn,
Is a very special gift,
This I have so sworn.
Don't want a little puppy,
Or a new born kitten,
Because my own purple turtle,
Is what I'm so smitten.

All that I do ask,
A gift Christ-mas Day,
Is so unique a present,
In each and every way.
I don't ask for much,
Just this one little gift,
As a little purple turtle,
Will give me such lift.

All that I do ask,
I hope you do find,
If it is not there,
I know I will mind.
I don't ask the impossible,
And hope you do agree,
A lovely little purple turtle,
Will be perfect for me.


H Mann ahhh that was sweet