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Day 84 280711 366@40

The barren tree does hold,
It's lifeless limbs up high,
Contrast to the stark beauty,
Of a clear blue sky.
Where life did once grow,
The birds do now stay,
To keep the tree alive,
In some small, unique way.

The barren tree gave life,
In the cleansing of air,
With its very last spark,
Of life it did care.
Stripped of all it's leaves,
No shelter for the bow,
Will return to the soil,
Decay is starting, right now.

The barren tree shows life,
The circle we are in,
When old life does end,
A new life will begin.
It's routs may now wither,
The bow may now break,
But the essence of life,
Will be back, no mistake.

The barren tree at rest,
An cease to its toil,
The weathered old tree bark,
Fall down to natures soil.
Giving life to new plants,
It will live on there,
Don't see the broken tree,
See how nature, does care.


Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner