Beauty Behold

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Love Poem

All your life looking for a beauty, to behold,
To love and be loved, as you both grow old.
When you find that person, make them know,
That your love is complete, you love them so.

During your time, you will hit a hard time,
Stand by each other, and it will be fine.
Do all you can to keep them happy and true,
Make sure you say what they are to you.

If disaster happened, talk through it together,
Do not blame each other, don't do that ever.
Sit down and talk, find out what went wrong,
You may find it was actually you, all along.

So live long and happy, in a union so right,
Hold hands and kiss, and cuddle up tonight.


N Coker ッ Fabulous poem!
H Mann ahhhhhh that's really lovely Craig.
M Flarty haha..soppy is good..nice poem.



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