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DAY 107 & 108 of 366@40


We all like the seaside, the air is so clean,
And all love the sea, and I have just been.
Since when we were little, a place to feel alive,
No place we'd rather be, since I was just five.

Splashing at the waters edge, build a sand-castle with moats,
Pockets of pebbles and shells, little toy boat that floats.

We all like the seaside, the sand between our toes,
And we love the sea, it takes away our woes.
Even when were grown up, a day there is great,
No better place to be, than the beach till late.

Eating ice cream in cones, or hot fish and chips,
Sunbathing on the soft sand, cold drinks you take sips.

We all love the seaside, the sight and the smell,
And we all love the sea, I'm sure you can tell
Even when we do retire, a place to take break,
A place long to be, from moment I am awake.

Breathe in the salty air, and read a new book,
Kids play near your feet, with toys they had took.

We all love the seaside, the tastes and the sounds,
And we all love the sea, it spreads for miles around.
Sit and just relax now, the heat on our faces,
Stay sat in your seat, your most favourite of places.