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Old life does wither, as time passes by,
As life is spent, ever wonder about why.
Leaves are so pretty, that we can see,
But it does spoil, after falling from tree.

The God(s) gave beauty, for us to view,
But as time passes, it does not renew.
A crease just there, a wrinkle for sure,
As time does pass, there’s more and more.

Each item of beauty, it returns the same,
So next leaf grown, will take beauty again.
The beauty in aging, will soon be past,
When the leaves drop, time travels so fast.

So look at babies, how cute they are,
Look of a teenager, they come this far.
Change as an adult, all cuteness long gone,
As old age comes, a new beauty belong.

But of all beauty, a constant does remain,
On human’s the eyes, they stay the same.
The tree trunk stands, as leaves do wither,
All beauty that was, to God(s) we deliver.

So as time passes, we see the sign,
Just realise that this, is the God(s) design.
No point in concern, your beauty your sharing,
Whilst you own eyes, beauty your always wearing.


A King really like this poem so true x
H Mann lovely, really lovely