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May Day Celebration

We all do celebrate, this magical Beltane night,
The passage we follow, of this Pagan Rite.
Drum to the beet, as the seeds are sown,
Our Heritage moves on, and be forever known.

The winter does leave, to bones warmth returns,
Springtime is now here, what we did yearn.
Bird's full of song, announce the new day,
From the long sleep, creature's awake in may.

Spring flowers do sprout, green takes back command,
Of shades of brown, that covered the land.
Feathered friends do soar, high over our head,
Life doth now return, to what was dead.

Bleet from the lambs, music from the birds,
Sounds of spring time, which you have heard.
Joy's to the day, how time has flown,
From the small seeds, our world be grown.

Stand with our kin, and those to be,
With our dear brothers, and sisters you see.
The fires do burn, and people do dance,
Start of it all, giving nature a chance.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner