Beware (13)

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366@40 Day 254 140112

Beware the Sand-man, with his bloodied wrath,
And the Black Cat, that crosses your path.
Don't walk under ladder,that leans on wall,
If you don't heed, you will surely fall.

Beware the extra guest, the bad luck charm,
And of the Bats, that might do harm.
Don't break a mirror, years of bad luck,
If you don't heed, you may become stuck.

Beware of new shoes, the table don't rest,
And of the thirteen, avoid is the best.
Don't walk on cracks, on the path ahead,
If you don't heed, you end up dead?

Beware of the salt, don't just walk away,
And of the Evil, on a scary day.
Don't wear the shoes, off dead mans feet,
If you don't heed, end up in street.

Beware the bride's day, groom should not see,
And of the voyage, that must not be.
Don't trust to fate, what you can change,
If you don't heed, the rules so strange.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner