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Asked my 6 year old daughter to give me a name for a bumble bee - welcome bob!

Dear ol Bob, they call me,
I'm a happy, Bumberly Bee.
Spend my days, in the flowers,
Collect the nectar, till late hours.

Dear ol Bob, they call me,
I'm a busy, Bumberly Bee.
Back i go, to the hive,
To make honey, i do strive.

Dear ol Bob, they call me,
I'm a tired, Bumberly Bee.
Time for rest, sleep i might,
So to all, have a goodnight!

S Walker what a cute poem about Bob!
J Hooren awww i like bob :)
Author lol could not believe her choice of name
H Mann now you can write that children's book on Bob the Bumberly Bee LOL
Author erm nope - lol might be some more poems though
L Walsdorf Bob is a cool name to go with a cool poem!

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