Book of Shadows

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366@40 Day 160 121011 (This is not a book of evil or hatred or anything you have seen in movies)

A book so magick, with tales of old,
With sacred scripts, prayers be told.
A religion in words, of spells we cast,
Bound up in leather, so it will last.

A book so sacred, with rules to guide,
With sacred words, written with pride.
A life we lead, with love and trust,
Kept from all evil, that is a must.

A book so religious, with power of sight,
With sacred pages, with our rite.
A path to follow, no harm is done,
No harm done to, our words have begun.

A book of power, with paper and ink,
With sacred thoughts, makes you think.
A way of life, that is constant learning,
The wheel of life, which is forever turning

A book so pure, with no evil content,
With sacred images, no harm intent.
A right of reference, not used to teach,
For a religious book, it does not preach.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner