Bunny has the Chocolate

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366@40 Day 338 070412

Yawn and a stretch, a busy day ahead,
Bunny swings her legs, out of her bed.
Gets herself cleaned up, and carrot to eat,
So much to do, but she is beat.

So much to carry, so many to do,
So much to give, so little time too.

She saw it coming, full moon in sky,
The first of spring, and that is why.
Have to get ready, no time to waste,
She can not dawdle, she must make haste.

So much to sort, so many to do,
So much to deliver, so little time too.

Hands full of chocolate, there she does dash,
Delivers all the eggs, to children in mass.
So when you wake, your chocolate gifts mattered,
Think of poor bunny, who is now shattered!

H Mann so many opportunities here for children's books Craig

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