Billy the cat

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Children poem of a mischevious moggy

Billy spread his paws, as he yawned awake,
He was so wondering, what trouble to make.
Could he hide upstairs, and give a fright,
Would that be better, .............if waited till night?

Billy looked all around, and yawned once more,
He could always hide, behind that closed door.
Could he hide outside, or in the car,
Would that be better, better by far?

Billy arched his back, and yawned yet again,
Great places to hide, liked being a pain.
Could hide in bushes, leap out to surprise,
Would that be better, .............would that be wise?

Billy straightened his back, with yet another yawn,
Should he go outside, play on the lawn.
Could hide any where, thoughts he does keep.
Would that be better, get more sleep?

Billy settled back down, and started to purr,
Although he is trouble, prefers not to stir.
Could hide in dreams, and play just right,
Would that be better, .............if he slept? goodnight!

H Mann have you ever thought of writing a children's book Craig, you'd be good at it and you could even add your own photos.
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J Hooren awww what a fab poem craig :)

E Daley Great craig thank you, you have a great talent ;) xx

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