Colour and Creed

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Day 14 (With day 13 picture) 366@40

You have a colour, you have a creed,
You have a religion, you have a need.
Your hair's a colour, as is your eye,
You'll be that way, until you do die.

We are all unique, let not us divide,
The people who try, should run and hide.
We are all different, whilst being the same,
No point in divide, there's nothing to gain.

You have a size, you have a height,
You have an idea, you have a right.
Your life is free, that cant be bad.
You can be happy, and can be sad.

Not by your religion, and not by creed,
Don't class by colour, others we must lead.
Never by your status, or by your class,
You must hear truth, and make it last.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner