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 Everyone did so say, he looked so sad,
 Nothing made him smile, or made him glad.
 Nobody did so know, whilst he was sat,
 Charlie was his name, and was a cat.

 Everyone did say awww, but they never saw,
 Nothing made him smile, that they did swore.
 Nobody did so see, the smile deep inside,
 Charlie was his name, his eyes did hide.

 Everyone did so cuddle, to make him cheer,
 Nothing made him smile, that they did fear.
 Nobody did so realise, so happy was he,
 Charlie was his name, and hid his glee.

 Everyone did love him, and knew his name,
 Nothing made him smile, but was his game.
 Nobody did so realise, what he had begun,
 Charlie was his name, your heart he won.


L Wadner awww love it