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A requested Poem

Run down the platform, for the next train,
Send a quick message, before it does rain.
A meeting with friends, put the world right,
Join up the electronics, to give us light.

Make a good connection, in all you do,
And please make sure, you make it true.

Post out a letter, to make someone smile,
Talk to a relative, not seen for while.
Weld all the joints, where metal does join,
The call gets through, you insert the coin.

Make a good connection, in each every way,
And please make sure, you do it today.

Between all the old, and all of the new,
The family we have, is so important too.
We go through life, more are then made,
Whilst some from past, we allow to fade.

Make a good connection, between body and soul,
And please made sure, fulfilment is end goal.

Copyright 1990 - 2023 Craig Wadner