Child on the sand

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I recall being young, playing on the beach,
To build a sandcastle, my daddy did teach.
I have a daughter, on the beach too,
To build a sandcastle, I try to do.

I recall being young, paddle in the sea,
Looking for a starfish, with mummy beside me.
I have a daughter, into water she dare,
Look for a mermaid, I am right there.

I recall being young, picnic on the sands,
The ham tasted gritty, beach on our hands!
I have a daughter, eat picnic in car,
The ham tastes great, much better by far!

I recall being young, playing on the sand,
As does my daughter, when trip is planned.
She will have children, when she has grown,
And recall these times, of her very own.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner