Country paths

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Day 72 160711 366@40

As the sunlight fades, new colours now yield,
The browns and reds, country paths and field.
Birds in the sky, little rabbits do run,
Count down to night, at the setting sun.

Not one single person, is in my view,
Bathe in the light, and the isolation too.

As the colours change, the sky does dim,
Last colours on earth, before night does begin.
Glory here to see, all colours on display,
As dusk takes over, from what was day.

Not a single noise, of mankind is found,
Bathe in the quiet, with only nature sounds.

As the day fades, to shades of night,
We marvel at all, last traces of light.
Animals in their lair, come out to feed,
Country paths come alive, as the light recedes.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner