Camera Shy

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Not just the animals, That are camera shy,
Pretty girls do hide, But don't know why.
Beauty that shines out, But you say no,
Why can i not, Because you say so.

Not just the girls, That are camera shy,
A well dressed man, In collar and tie.
You are so smart, All ladies will see,
But you shout out, Just let me be.

Not just the men, That are camera shy,
Children are so coy, Put hands up high.
You act so cute, All people will smile,
But you run away, Hide for a while.

Not just the children, That are camera shy,
Our elders do hide, And that's no lie.
Look so very wise, And so gentle too,
But you do turn, Nothing I can do.

Not just the elders, That are camera shy,
Animals do so run, Birds hide or fly.
They are so pretty, And cute as well,
But don't stay still, For photo I tell.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner