Dad 1941-2003
My father Vic Wadner who sadly passed away November 22nd 2003

To My Father who sadly Passed November 22nd 2003.

Vic Wadner 1941 - 2003
In 1941, Vic Wadner was born,
Now we sadly, do morn
From Bristol, where he met Peggy his wife,
with whom he shared, two thirds of his life.
The son of Arthur and Lillian, his Father and Mother,
Jean and Heather to whom, he was a brother.
A wonderful Father, who was always there,
For Children Nigel Mark and Craig, who's hearts now tear.
Grandfather to Kaleigh, Jareth Sandy and Nicole,
Jack, Orlagh and Joshua, made his life whole.
If the world had known Vic, before his end,
Everyone would morn, the loss of a dear friend.
Vic took pride, in everything he did,
Even in pain, from us he hid.
In a Suit, or Trousers and Tie
Never letting it slip, even when he knew he would die.
His achievements in his work, so clear to see,
The awards he received, don't seam enough to me.
Jokes and humour, we forgive how bad or old,
Stopped you feeling down, when to you he told,
Heaven only loaned us Vic, for a while,
To help the world Stop, and smile.
Never a bad word, about him was said,
and by example, others he led.
To Heaven, he has now returned,
Leaving us with what, we have learned.
Vic was too good, to be left for long,
From Heaven, where he does belong.
Along with my Brothers, and my Mother his Wife,
We wish him the Kingdom of God, and Eternal Life.
Forever in my thoughts and prayers. May you Rest in Peace. Proud to be the son of the late Vic Wadner
Copyright 2003-11 Craig Wadner