Out of the Dark

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State of mind

Darkness will consume you, with out any doubt,
Once it gets inside, hard to get out.
Darkness at the edges, just out of sight,
You must not ever, give up the fight.

Shadows of your mind, the dark does creep,
Keep from it now, you it does seek.
Shadows do linger there, deep in your thoughts,
Things you do remember, that once was taught.

Darkness is no friend, will never give hope,
It wont even care, if you can cope.
Darkness will overcome you, if you give in,
It will take over, don't let it win.

Shadows of your mind, the dark does crawl,
Keep from it now, back against the wall.
Shadows do flicker there, deep in your mind,
Those you never would, thought you would find.

Brightness can help you, a friend or lover,
They can guide you, from sickness you recover.
Brightness is the route, to find your way,
Start to work hard, on your path today.

Lightness in its burden, the weight does go,
The pain from carrying, the problems did show.
Lightness from the fact, you are now free,
From all the anguish, where you should be

Brightness is a light, for your path now,
The ancients do guide, make good some how.
Brightness is the way, heading you should make,
You life is saved, wont let it break.

Lightness is the better, life with pressure down,
You can now smile, and remove the frown.
Lightness is the right, happiness will be when,
You can find yourself, then live once again.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner