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When all you see, is the deepest dark,
And life you live, is so very stark.
When all you dream, goes when you wake,
And joy you get, you know will break.

When all those words, they do not heal,
And no one cares, how you do feel.
When all you touch, can turn to rust,
And silence takes hold, no one to trust.

When all is black, there is no light,
And thought you have, give up the fight.
When warmth of bath, can't stop the chill,
And you do worry, you are mentally ill.

When all you sense, the dark takes hold,
And in warmest times, you are left cold.
When hope is gone, your mind does follow,
And in worst times, you do so wallow.

When times are bad, the dark does show,
And all you try, just will not go.
When all you see, is the deepest dark,
And life you lived, was so very stark.

When all is dark, help you must seek,
And not be resigned, to life so bleak.
When all is known, that you will learn,
And pain will ease, and light will return.


D Hollingworth Not very good with words Craig but that poem is just fantastic
I Walker Well said, but depressing poem this time.
H Mann yes a very "dark" poem this time, but at the end of darkness light will surely return......