Different View

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Take a different view, of something every day,
Look at it carefully, in a unique way.
We open our eyes, new world all around,
From tiny to large, new things we've found.

Take a different slant, make it feel new,
Look at it unlike, you normally would do.
We open our eyes, to something so strange,
Just by the view, which we did rearrange.

Take a different angle, your focus is set,
Look at it clearly, see what you get.
We open our eyes, and start to see,
The ordinary around us, doesn't have to be.

Take a different way, of something quite formal,
Look at it now, it doesn't look normal.
We open our eyes, and we see clear,
The world all around, that we hold dear.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner