A Tiny Dragon

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A puff of smoke, that's all I see,
My oh my oh, what can it be.
On the damp soil, there it did stand,
A tiny little dragon, size of my hand.
Smile on his face, soot on his nose,
This lovely little thing, red on his toes.
Its tail so long, but also so narrow,
Spines all down it, end in an arrow.

A puff of smoke, that's all I see,
My oh My oh, in front of me.
Skin is so strong, scales are all over,
Shade of a green, not so unlike clover.
The smile on face, soot on his nose,
Will stay with me, my heart now glows,
His wings did extend, and took to flight,
It flew away quick, soon out of sight.

A puff of smoke, that's all I saw,
My oh My oh, stood still in awe.
What I lovely thing, to happen this day,
But such a shame, it could not stay.
A tiny little dragon, found on my land,
Seams to be happy, placed in my hand.
A tiny little dragon, that's what I found,
Went on his way, with barely a sound.

H Mann ahhhh that's sweet, I can just see the tiny dragon from Merlin, that blew a puff of air onto Morgana's face
Author Well you asked me for a mystical poem, hope you approve
H Mann i certainly did, it was soooooooooooooooo sweet
L Walsdorf awwwwww what a cute little poem :-)

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