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So easy for the bottle to become your best friend.

You reach for the bottle, celebration you are glad,
Come on drink up, There's more to be had.
A nice relaxing glass, when you come home,
Only the one glass, no one can moan.

Been such a rough day, need some to relax,
Just a few cans, best part of six-pack.
One with work mates, one for the trip,
Another one little later, to help you kip.

Big disaster in life, someone has now died,
You sit with bottle, at home alone cried.
A bottle a night, just to get through,
And the occasional whisky, that will help too.

You lost your job, quick drown your sorrows,
But drink too much, your regret it tomorrow.
Soon be new dawn, celebrate a new day,
Fun with your friends, still have money today.

Get home from pub, another glass or two,
People call you alcoholic, you say **** you.
Your temper is worse, few bottles each day,
Don't care what said, wish they stay away.

You enjoy a drink, you don't know anything,
No thought of heath, and damage you bring.
Need it for help, through this very night,
And again do tomorrow, through the day like.

Friends do desert you, you liver is battered,
You are so broke, next drink all mattered.
Bottle of JD now, gone in two days,
Bacardi and the Brandy, goes the same way.

No one does care, you no longer can hide,
You reached rock bottom, now have to decide.
Drink is killing you, made you a mess,
Nobody want to know, because you know best.

Cant deal with it, so have another drink,
Spilt on your clothes, you do so stink.
Last meal cant recall, but brandy in hand,
Leaning on the wall, as you can't stand.

I call you alcoholic, you say like a drink,
Don't listen at all, don't want to think.
Can all be fixed, you can start today,
Go see a doctor, and join the aa.

What you have left, not a blooming lot,
Blame it on society, raise drink you've got.
Drink to the bride, wet the baby's head,
Possibly we are prone, to drink till were DEAD!

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner