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Back in the 1980's

The memories we have, of times gone past,
When we had fun, and seamed to last.
The hair styles found, wont dare have again,
As the synthesiser played, each song the same.

The memories we have, a time of joys,
When we had fun, as girls and boys.
Phone did go mobile, used where we go,
The music played loud, and cocktails did flow.

The memories we have, a time long gone,
When we had fun, that cant be wrong.
And out in space, the shuttle did start,
Live aid did play, to do their part.

The memories we have, a time of youth,
We all had fun, no time for truth.
Shell suits and raybands, the next big thing,
The bands were electric, now everyone can sing.

The memories we have, a time now lost,
When we had fun, despite all the cost.
Just did not see, we flashed the cash,
As bands played on, we did become brash.

The memories we have, as we look back,
When we had fun, we take the flak.
On it's take off, the big shuttle disaster,
The music played on, we moved much faster.

The memories we have, a time to smile,
When we had fun, once in a while.
The rich became richer, out on the town,
As the video's played, the wall came down.

The memories we have, time of our life,
When we had fun, with so little strife.
A decade of decadence, life was so grand,
Music in the eighties, when nothing was bland.

N Coker ッ It seems!! Ok to meeeee
H Mann this didn't come up on my news feed before, memories of the 80s are just like that poem, i was in my early 40s and as young at heart then as I am now :-)

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