English Summertime

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A reworking and updating of an old poem

Grass is so wet, down beneath my feet,
The water is pooled, on the garden seat.
Umbrella is un-folded, held up so high,
A complete saturation, where's the blue sky.

People are now rushing, stop from getting wet,
Home and dry soon, they aim to get.
Why we so surprised, it's always the same,
When English Summer comes, so does the rain.

D Hollingworth What a great observation of our Summers.
H Mann agree with D Hollingworth, so well written.

H Mann perfect picture for the poem, we've just had a torrential downpour, will it ever ever end?
I Walker Nice catch Craig!
S Roumanie Looks like out Breton summer too :( It's pouring here
J Hooren we had that rare thing called sunshine all day 2day made a pleasant change :)

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