Escape to the Beach

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On a bright sunny day, your plans do take shape,
A trip to the coast, will be a perfect escape,
With the salty sea air, and vinegar on your chips,
And the pink candy-floss, and the passing big ships.

Ah yes what a joy, with all the arcades there,
A trip to the coast, it is so perfect there.
With the old Donkey rides, and the long old pier,
And the bright colour rock, that say you are here.

The children are all laughing, sand-castles to be made,
A trip to the coast, makes them all be behaved.
With the water so clear, and a beach so clean,
And the bright clock tower, so much we have seen.

So sad its all over, give the blanket a shake,
A trip to the coast, such a perfect escape.
All things are then packed, still sand in your shoes,
And the children so tired, you just can not lose.

H Mann a really lovely description of a day at the seaside, i want to go now :-((
J Hooren I wanna go to the seaside as well hazel :((

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