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366@40 Day 222 131211

Mother nature does give, beauty to be seen,
All through the year, is the ever-green.
Such a great sight, a symbol of forever,
As the season starts, to give colder weather.

The circle of life, shows it will last,
Long days of summer, and autumn now past.
The beauty of green, this so symbolic tree,
We decorate with baubles, bright lights to see.

Mother nature does nurture, we get the best,
Children get so excited, decorate it with zest.
Stands proud on display, a symbol of season,
The holidays to begin, no better a reason.

The circle of life, warmth to our heart,
Goodbye to the autumn, as winter does start.
The tinsel and baubles, and angel on top,
A celebration this fine, that can never stop.

Mother nature does make, the holiday so right,
From times long past, to that magical night.
A symbol of faith, the foundation is true,
With Santa I wish, Happy Holiday's to you.

H Mann that's really nice, very well told and also quite true
K Bradbury love the effect on the picture Craig

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