Everything Ends

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366@40 Day 216 071211

It is a shame, but every thing ends,
A relation-ship gone, a broken heart mends.
Light from the sky, until the new dawn,
A woman so pregnant, then a baby born.

Everything does so end, another will now begin,
Highest price was paid, then a bargain win.
The wheel it turns, light does now fade,
Problems they do end, no longer be afraid.

It is a great, that every thing ends,
An item is replaced, that your life depends.
Light from the sky, quick it does depart,
Your job is lost, a vocation does start.

Everything does so end, but another now starts,
Your jigsaw it has, no darn missing parts.
The circle it completes, light does soon return,
Things do then restart, thats what we learn.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner