The Excitable Girl
Seven Days Counting

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The excitable girl, here now today,
Counting the sleeps, before xmas day.
Seven days counting, stories she tells,
Santa and Reindeer, sleigh with bells.

The excitable girl, smiles all round,
Counting the hours, snow on ground.
Seven days counting, the magic strong,
Family and friends, time to belong.

The excitable girl, season of joys,
Counting the minutes, some new toys.
Seven days counting, so well behaved,
Santa and Reindeer, for xmas saved.

The excitable girl, list she made,
Counting the seconds, excitement cant fade.
Seven days counting, soon be here,
Family and friends, with season cheer.

S Walker Love love love the poem and a beautiful photo of Grace!!
L Walsdorf have to agree....really love love love this :-)
J Hooren aww thats lovely :)
S Evans Love the poem and the photo of Grace.
H Mann sounds just like my grandaughter :-)

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