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When the world blurrs

My mind plays tricks, every bone does ache,
The spirit is waning, body fit to break.
The need to rest, but cant spare time,
Concentration is so hard, now cross the line.

Slurred in my speech, memory filled with holes,
Need to keep going, to complete my goals.
My eyes do burn, my finger do seize,
Must keep myself busy, I'm sure it'll ease.

Not a fluid movement, can I even make,
Everything is so hard, do not feel awake.
Expectation of me high, the others I led,
Now a great example, more like walking dead.

Exhaustion is a killer, of which no return,
Find time to relax, Lesson I must learn.
I must switch off, time to just chill,
Because at the least, I will become ill.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner