Fall out

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The sound of silence, no words are spoke,
When we fall out, when relationships are broke.
Your family and friends, that can not agree,
The sound of silence, not meant to be.

The sound of disagreement, no one goes unhurt,
When we fall out, words do become curt.
Your family and friends, hide from the pain,
The sound of disagreement, time and time again.

The sound of anger, no time to forgive,
When we fall out, just want to live.
Your family and friends, call out nasty names,
The sound of anger, the hurt it gains.

The sound of sorrow, no way to return,
When we fall out, we still don't learn.
Your family and friends, cant take any more,
The sound of sorrow, what was this for.

The sound of silence, no one is found,
When we fall out, they don't call around.
Your family and friends, ignored in the street,
The sound of silence, alone in your seat.

S Walker nice poem in a sad but true way!


Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner