Fathers Day

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To all the great dads out there, dedicated to my late father, no better dad could i have wished for.

May not be said often, but hope you know,
That you my loving father, I love you so.
You ask for very little, which I always give,
Even in the bad times, helped me to live.

May not be said often, but you must know,
How much you are loved, hope it does show.
Never ask for too much, never wear a frown,
Even when asked yet again, for lift to town.

Never said it often enough, to you my dad,
Could not ask for better, hope you are glad.
Your the one I'd chose, if choice was made,
My love for you dad, will never ever fade.

Never said it often enough, I love you dad,
Could not wish for better, when I am sad.
Your one in a million, no need to pretend,
On this fathers day now, my love I send.

D Ramsden Hugs xxx and that was lovely
L Walsdorf now that is an absolutely beautiful poem....makes me miss my Dad Thank you sooooo much for sharing
S Lees That's nice Craig they are just as important as mums but not always' recognised as such.
H Mann well now that made me very wet eyed, beautiful
S Walker beautiful and touching poem!!
A King lovely craig he was a good man and dad thinking of you xx
J Hooren a wonderful poem craig........hugs for today
J Wyatt brilliant craig that sounds really nice your dad would have liked that very much xxx

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