Friends that live close, some live so far,
Those we never met, some visit in car.
Perhaps from a game, that you once played,
Those from a place, were you have stayed.

Friends with same passion, who like to share,
Those on a holiday, wish you were there.
Perhaps they are young, or may be old,
Those live in warmth, some in the cold.

Friends we have made, share in their life,
Those that become special, become husband or wife.
Perhaps they do belong, know you too well,
Those that tell jokes, they like to tell.

Friends we do miss, when you sign out,
Those you then meet, whilst out and about.
Perhaps you do find, a relative long lost,
Those that show pictures, of the morning frost..

Friends you all are, each and every one,
Those I hold dear, no matter where from!
Perhaps we should say, we know you care,
Those bond we started, glad you are there.


F.S.J. Brown: Beautiful Craig and fate has a strange way of bringing people into our life's to help us when we least expect it.