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I smile and wave, and wish you well,
Inside I am dying, but you can't tell.
My heart is broken, yet one more time,
But if you ask, will say I'm fine.

I smile and wave, help I do give,
Inside I am crying, I will cope with.
My heart is broken, put again to test,
But if you ask, will speak with zest.

I smile and wave, even blow a kiss,
Inside I am alone, the company I miss.
My heart is broken, as you do know,
But if you ask, a smile I'll show.

I smile and wave, only in my mind,
No friends have I, that I can find.
My heart is broken, but will not repair,
But if you ask, I'm ok I declare.

I smile and wave, good-bye to it all,
All through my life, tried to stand tall.
My heart is broken, and it wont mend,
But if now ask, too late my friend!

S Evans So true. Very pleased you're ok. XX
N Smith awwww am right along side you here Craig XXX
S Walker very nice...and so easy to relate to!
H Mann excellent and yes very easy to relate to because we've all been there

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