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Ooooh what is that, my teddy is over there,
My teddy over there, on the old wooden chair.
On the wooden chair, cant reach if I crawl,
If I do crawl, wont reach it at all.

To reach the teddy, I need to now stand,
If I can stand, that would be so grand.
Would be so grand, if I can hold on,
I can hold on, it wont take too long.

It wont take long, to use sofa to guide,
The sofa to guide, mummy will have such pride.
With so much pride, will help me to smile,
Help me to smile, will move for a while.

Move for a while, I reach for the chair,
Reach for the chair, because my teddy is there.
My teddy is there, but soon in my arm,
And in my arm, will come to no harm.


L Walsdorf luv the view point you have taken AND you have managed to connect each line PLUS make it all rhyme sooooo very clever!
L Wadner luv this poem...makes me smile everytime I read it
S Wadner love it uncle craig remind me so much of little legs xxx
H Mann Ahhhh that is soooo sweet
TW Walsdorf It is lovely.