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366@40 Day 342 110412

Something so very small, can make us shine,
When we are unwell, help make us fine.
A gift of love, we love to receive,
A sign of thanks, when time to leave.

Something so very pretty, can brighten a room,
When we are down, brings us from gloom.
A gift of remembrance, to show we care,
A sign not forgotten, when were not there.

Something so very lovely, can give us hope,
When we are struggling, help us to cope.
A gift of living, for us to live,
A sign of happiness, we like to give.

Something so very small, can make your day,
When we need flowers, help us to say.
A gift so personal, and so welcome too,
A sign of love, from me to you.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner