Full Moon

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366@40 Day 250 100112

She is Earth's natural satellite,
That we do so know,
Caught up in our orbit,
Reassurance that she does show.
Although she is very old,
The earth is much older,
Not much of an atmosphere,
On there so much colder,

One quarter of the size,
Of the planet Earth itself,
Many a great religion based,
Sign of increase in wealth.
Fifth largest known natural satellite,
This solar system is found,
With a solid iron core,
And a crust all around.

She is in synchronous rotation,
So always show's same face,
Spins in the reverse direction,
Yet almost at the same pace.
The most defined impact scars,
You've seen on near side,
Far face is in shadow,
Dark side she does hide.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner