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DAY 21 & 22 of 366@40


As we walk here, along the sea's shore,
Walking side by side, never ask for more.
The waves are lapping, onto the soft sand,
Whilst you are here, holding onto my hand.

Through all the years, as we walk here,
With you beside me, I have no fear.
Pattern in the sand, is all we are,
But in this life, we will travel far.

As we walk here, along the tide line,
With you beside me, I feel so fine.
The breeze is gentle, behind we see far,
Prints of our past, know where we are.

Through all the years, we walk the sands,
We enjoy the company, we hold our hands.
The tide will rise, and remove our past,
For the prints cant, and simply wont last.

As we walk here, near our journeys end,
With you near me, don't need to pretend.
The sands before us, not so very far,
But we both know, exactly where we are.

Through all the years, life did become one,
With our own memories, of what we've done.
The tide does rise, and the sunlight fade,
Marvel at it all, in life we'd made.


S Evans Beautiful poem and lovely picture. XX
H Mann oh how lovely, it goes well with the photo
K Bradbury lovely poem Craig, I have read the full poem on your page it is really luverlyyyy.....
S Walker What a beautiful poem that you wrote! I love it!
A Popkin You are very talented
H Mann ahh that is sooooooooo nice