Fountain of Youth

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Day 76 200711 366@40

Many years we have tried,
Search the essence of truth,
To locate for all time the fountain of our youth.

Deep in your very heart,
Shines the child you are,
Will always be with you it's not gone so far.

Rise from the natures soil,
Then back down like rain,
Search all day and night with the answer the same.

Memories to keep you warm,
Stay out of the cold,
Your child is always there even when you grow old.

The drops of pure water,
Cascade in an amazing sight,
Truth in its pure essence that you found so right.

Many years we did try,
Did not search so well,
The fountain of all youth hidden inside you so well.

S Walker Ahhh love the poem and the pic!!
K Bradbury so true .......


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