Forgotten Plans Too

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The human race reduced.

We all wanted, to feel so secure,
To feel protected, not any more.
The first strike, no matter who,
Rubble and ash, and dust too.

The first sign, was the sound,
Could be heard, even underground.
The cloud followed, shape of mushroom,
Politicians had done, sealed our doom.

Everyone homeless, fighting for food,
No infrastructure, deep sour mood.
Climb over dead, looking for hope,
We stay alive, trying to cope.

Those that are rich, down with poor,
All to survive, because of the war.
Nuclear weapons, used as power,
Left this land, putrid and sour.

Scorched the sky, burned the land,
Just pressed button, out of hand.
Safe in bunkers, will be fine,
Whilst those of us, walk thin line.

Radiation sickness, numbers will thin,
Safety find shelter, need to get in.
Those in power, don't see clear,
How these weapons, will cost dear.

Exposed to rays, of burning sun,
Civilization now back, before it begun.
Hunting for food, animals in pack,
I so wish, could turn time back.

Heritage all gone, just brick rubble,
The elected Party's, started the trouble.
Time to end, the nuclear race,
Before our lives, become a disgrace.

Don't be blind, at some hour,
The world destroyed, by those in power.
Don't just follow, be leader instead,
Following any party, will get you dead.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner