Forgotten Plans 2012

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Reworking of one of my first poems

People scream out loud, pushing left and the right,
Can any one person, survive through this dark night.
Lights they do flicker, in distance they do fade,
Now we can see, the problems we all made.

This error is eternal, it can just never leave,
Salvations is too far, for you can barely breathe.
This weight of choice, the burden we must take,
For the ruined earth, that was all greatest mistake.

Our plans are shattered, we are left all forlorn,
We fight for survival, struggling on till the dawn.
The wreckage and ashes, of all of our generations,
Now scattered and broken, over the greatest of nations.

The weapons we had, were to be a deterrent,
Causing pain and suffering, to us all was inherent.
Oh why so blindly, did we follow the masses,
Whilst those in power, turned the world to ashes!

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner