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Never let your friendship slide
Friends too important, don't ever let them go,
When you are in need, or when their needs do show.
You should always be there, always on the double,
When they find they are, really deep in trouble.

New relationships may come, and they may go,
A true friend will stay, be there for you so.
They are there to laugh, when you fall on your bum,
Or to make you laugh, when you feel real glum.

You may live quite near, or moved so very far
Keep them in contact, and make a trip in your car.
For when you down, they will help lift you high,
And quickly bring you down, if your heads in the sky.

There with some pills, if they become sick,
If it is you instead, they are there double quick.
No matter what life, bring to you both together,
Make sure no one breaks, this bond made forever.
Copyright 1990 - 2023 Craig Wadner