Free Speech

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Live in this great country, a country rich in its diversity, with the right to free though and freedom to say what we feel at any time.

I believe in free speech, let this now be said,
Rather use my own brain, than like blind be led.
I will not be bullied, to boycott a good place,
Be careful how you act, hate does so gather pace.

You call me a n*zi, because I will not hate?
I believe in no harm, but your getting so irate.

There is a thin fine line, sometimes so hard to see,
So easy to over step, let your mind be free.
You try to order me, then get so darn upset,
The right you don't have, so defiance you will get.

You call me a racist, because wont follow your will,
Whilst I do not hate, I have had my fill.

See the wide open picture, not all so in clear,
That place does a service, to those animals cares dear.
I live in a democracy, with rights to be heard,
We all have free speech, this is simply too absurd.

You call me a hypocrite, because I will not conform,
That is not so democratic, leaves me feeling all forlorn.

If you don't like politics, of the person who's there,
Don't vote for them in, so simple if you care.
But do not insult me, and order me to conform,
I believe in free speech, to defend it I've sworn!

You call me these things, because I use my own brain,
You start to show hate, just what is your aim.

Get off your high horse, start to smell the coffee,
Too many cases I fear, parent pressure should not be.
What will be your next, religion or even of class,
Well I wont be party, to this I will pass.

You call me these things, but I am not any,
But someone who can think, not blindly follow the many.

I will stand up proud, and defend freedom of speech,
I like what we have, don't need you to preach.
This country is so diverse, with all cultures so fine,
It make the country great, I will not cross that line.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner