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Dedicated to the one of the special females in my life - my little girl

The little girl, with eyes so open wide,
My love for her, I can never hide.
Beautiful blue eyes, that shine so bright,
With blonde hair, and a smile so right.

Does she look like you, as your her daddy,
Or more like her mother, when having a paddy.
You heart melts, she stops to say I love you,
It seams not enough to reply, I love you too.

I will lay down my life, to protect and ensure,
No hardship or strife, will I want you to endure.
I want you life to be prefect, and bliss,
That's why I hug you, and give you a kiss.

A child's so precious, so fragile is she,
Yet so full of wonder, so full of glee.
Out using her camera, or in a playpark,
Being very serious, or having a lark.

Dark times when she is troubled, or when she is ill,
You worry continually, and you cant wait until.
She is able to run, hide and to play,
And you try to keep up, not a chance today.

As she grows older , brighter and wiser,
Probably thinking, her old dad is a miser.
But hope that I give her, the perfect life,
Without any pain, and absent of strife.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner