Grace' 6th Birthday    

My Daughter is now Six :)

It was to be here, In two thousand and four,
A special child was born, The first moment I saw.
So perfect in every way, Grace was her chosen name,
This girl stole my heart, My life never the same.

Clear blue eyes she has, Blonde hair not too long,
A smile lighting your day, With laughter like a song.

Behind a camera we find, She has gained a skill,
When says I love you, My heart swells over until.
The weekend has now passed, Time to take her home,
And on this sixth birthday, Only speak on the phone.

Clear blue eyes she looks, Right into your very soul,
To keep this girl safe, my one and only goal.

S Evans Lovely.XX
S Walker What beautiful poem for a beautiful girl!
M Flarty Beautiful..
H Mann ahhh that's lovely
J Hooren Def a lovely poem craig :)
L Godin Lovely poem Craig!

L Sharpless Happy Birthday Grace x
S Evans Happy Birthday Grace. Hope you have a lovely day. XX
J Whattam Bless ya hun. Have a fab birthday Grace.
L Walsdorf sure she will love getting the call from you...make sure you sing her 'happy Birthday' tho :-) & let her know we are all hoping she has a fantastic day - happy birthday Grace
A King happy birthday grace where has six years gone craig see you soon xxxx
M Stevenson Happy Birthday to Grace xxxxxx
N Merrills happy birthday big hugs for little legs x
S Walker Happy 6th Birthday Grace!!
H Mann Happy Birthday darling Grace, your daddy will miss you tonight but you can make up for it after the snow has gone by smothering him kisses and hugs :-)
J Hooren Aww {{hugs }} craig and wish grace a very happy 6th bithday :) x
S Woods happy birthday little legs xx
L Godin ‎"Happy Birthday" to your sweet Grace
E Daley you are so sweet craig ;) im sure you will spoil her at the w end xxx

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