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You need to find voice before hate sets in

You bring me down, make my world bleak,
Dared not give voice, never able to speak.
Had to bottle up, hurt was your goal,
Did not speak out, time took it's toll.

No reason you gave, you were just bad,
Only joy you had, was making me sad.
Only wanted to smile, always wore a frown,
Did not speak out, pushed it back down.

Your lies I believed, now cut to core,
Why did I return, only to get more.
All love now gone, all withered and died,
Did not speak out, how much you lied.

You were the cause, turned my life black,
But my spirit gone, you'd broke my back.
Left me so broken, so tattered and torn,
Did not speak out, wish was never born.

No answers to find, no questions I seek,
I live this life, you created so bleak.
I hope your proud, of what I've become,
Did not speak out, I needed some one.

Made you my world, just lonely I feel,
At night I cry, the sadness is real.
No love left inside, your apologies too late,
Did not speak out, the poison of hate.

The hurt inside me, you nurtured so well,
Wont let me free, your prison is hell.
Too late I know, where I went wrong,
Did not speak out, left it too long.

To you I despise, cant say right stuff,
I am now broken, I have taken enough.
The act of cruelty, cause my mental state,
Did not speak out, you made me hate!

J Hooren def makes u sit and think ........{{{hugs}}
H Mann wow that is powerful......sounds personal???
S Walker Wow very powerful!! Wish more people would realize what hate does to others! {{{hugs}}}

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